About Exhibition



Welcome to the largest annual event for the food, drug and medical devices in Saudi Arabia. Which serves the fastest growing sectors in an estimated market value of SR 41 billion, where business opportunities and projects are wide and attractive.
Finding new markets is not easy and you should always look for the best opportunities in the world. You have to look for the future of this business and the appropriate environment for it. From this perspective, the second annual conference and exhibition of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) is an important occasion to enter and compete in the Saudi market.


You can also enter the largest market in the Middle East and the Gulf. We will assist you in that step by making a decision to participate in the exhibition.

The support and direct supervision of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) gives the conference and exhibition another dimension of utmost importance.

In view of what the Authority wants to achieve in the next few years in creating the necessary environment for national and foreign companies to contribute in pushing the economic wheel in the field of food, drug, medical devices, cosmetics, pesticides and feed.


Why To Participate in 2018 Exhibition?

  • The first specialized exhibition in the region combining food, drug and medical devices under one umbrella.
  •  Is an important meeting point between the SFDA and its partners?
  • Communicate with key decision makers.
  • Offering products and services in a practical and efficient manner.
  • See and view latest product updates advanced technologies.


"We offer you the exhibition and you can do a lot later"

  • Attend the conference sessions
  • Highlight your brand
  • Attend workshops
  • Group meetings
  • Individual meetings
  • Honored
  • Media coverage